Founded in 2015 by Karlo & Marie Gomez, Smv is one of the most respected online magazines in America for celebrating real women. The truth is, when the rest of media is all about the fabrication of beauty, Smv opts to stay 2 ways: AUTHENTIC & REAL.

We are not a body positive or self love magazine, we are simply a magazine that helps all women feel naturally beautiful.

our mission:

Our promise is to inspire women all over the world, to feel naturally beautiful.

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Over 33,000 women have joined our community of girls


stay real.


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We are changing womens lives through visuals and compelling stories.

We created SmvStudio to take our magazine to the next level -

Our uniquely dynamic breed of writers & Artists along with influencers who embody women empowerment across the globe need a location to grow. They are Smv’s people. They are brands and consumers. We know exactly what it takes to connect them. A hub for brands and consumers to finally mingle and explore each others needs.

WE need help with our first studio. We need a studio for:

Creating Sponsored Content:

SmvStudio will develop content dedicated to creating and hosting sponsored content through brand partnerships. This includes: Creative Development, Design, Photoshoots, Video and Placement within our publication and social media.



A space to tackle our daily goals on becoming the next talked about magazine.


hub for writers & interns

Having our writers together creates a synergistic environment that breeds for better creativity and production.



Photoshoots for our SundayGirl’s and products.



Behind the scenes video of photoshoots, interviews, social media livestreams, youtube videos, and advertising campaigns for brands.



Our events connect consumers with visionary brands, their products, services and valuable insights that cause people to talk. Our Events delight, entertain and engage the world’s most powerful consumers, women.

Events include:

  • Mixers

  • Parties

  • Food Nights

  • Music Nights

  • Movie Nights

  • Q & A’s

  • Art Installations

Here is our event with Ulta Beauty

smvstudio stands with some of the most bold intuitive talented artists, behind a powerful content distribution platform to a highly targeted audience.

smvstudio needs investors, click here, to get behind the magazine thats real

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