No More Online Shopping Guilt

Written By: Kimberly Davis

Online shopping is great. You get to buy stuff while you’re in the comfort of your own home, in your pajamas, and eating leftover Chinese food. But it can be difficult to buy clothes and envision how it’s going to look on your body, when all of the models online are the same size. If you shop at ASOS though, you’re in luck. ASOS now shows what an article of clothing looks like on different body types.

We’ve all been there. Ordering something online and seeing how cute it looks on the model, only to receive the item you ordered and it just doesn’t look like how you thought it would.

ASOS has online shops for over 100 countries, and rolling out a project this big will take some time. And while they’ve instructed shoppers to “Keep your eyes peeled as this rolls out across our app,” it eliminates the age old problem, and it makes online shopping even more fun. There are tons of different body types out there, and customers love seeing body types that look like theirs.

ASOS won’t be stopping at just clothing, they plan on applying this new change to every single item on their website. Fingers crossed that this change comes quickly, while I grab my wallet and prepare to do some major damage when it finally does come.