Why did she say that about US?

Letter from our Editor

Woke up this Saturday morning and Marilyn our Social Media Editor sends me this BEAUTIFUL message written by Ava Burdette. This message made me realize how much of a positive impact we have with so many women, and that our promise to this world to empower women to feel and look Naturally Beautiful is needed more than ever. She explains what Smv has shown her and to me this epitomizes our purpose as a Magazine.

"I just wanted to say a couple things that SundayMorningView has shown me:

First, comparing ourselves to others isn’t a bad thing. Society has sold us a fake image of beauty, to not just women of course, but all people. Comparing ourselves to that fake image of beauty, that’s what is bad, and hurting us. I love seeing a post from SundayMorningView and thinking...wow, she looks like me, and she’s so beautiful and happy. I see myself in these women who are so bold but elegant, powerful but Enchanting. Sunday Morning View has given me an honest comparison. I’m no longer comparing myself to someone whom I am not like, and most most likely will never be. It’s not apples and oranges anymore. It’s peaches and peaches 🍑. Thank you SundayMorningView for being a mirror, Where I can see women who love themselves, and see myself." ~ Ava

Ava Burdette