Sex? Yes Please!

So you're in the mood for sex. Sudden arousal? Tension building up? Release it right??!! What if your mate isn't though? Some of us enjoy a sudden turn of the shoulder, backed up into a wall and enjoy hands running up our thighs and down our backs savagely. Some of us enjoy being seduced. Nothing wrong with either one! What if your mate isn't in the mood? Or what if you your mate is waiting for you to pounce on them. Ugh, if only there was a way to read people's mind when they are in the mood for sex!!!

BUT WAIT THERE IS! There a few ways (believe it or not) to let your partner know when you wanna be a freak in the sheets. The simplest one and maybe the less obvious one, in case you host a lot of parties, is lighting a candle. Yes, a sex candle. When it's lit, means someone is in the mood for some lovin’! You can also have a bell. Not like a cow bell or jingle bells, a small cute bell that when it's rung you know it's not lunch time but sex time!

A more obvious approach, sexy lingerie OR anything that shows a lil’ bit of the goods. You know, where those daisy dukes, wife beater and no bra, or his favorite jersey with nothing underneath.

Wanna have a lil fun, try sexting. Tease each other throughout the day of all the things you want done to one another. When that time comes, you ain't gonna need no damn candle or bell, you just need to take clothes off ‘cause there are no need for words! However you decide to order your sex, well done or rare, just be in the moment.