A love letter to my son


No matter how much you did roll around in bed during the night, sticking your little legs against my back.. every morning I wake up and you are there. You are there with your little eyes, full of life, sass & a blast of energy to start the day. 

Since you arrived in my life, I have a reason to keep going, a reason to give a 150% in all I do. Whenever I have a challenge, I motivate myself to make you proud. You can't talk, but I know you're proud to be my baby. 

I love your little and strong body. Before you, I thought that being chubby was a synonym of "bad". After you are here, I think that if chubby means looking like you.. God damn I wanna be like you!. Maybe it's the fact that all moms see their kids as "the most beautiful kid in the world", maybe I'm under the pug charm.. I don't know what it is. But I dare to say you are the most beautiful doggy in the world, because indeed, you are my world!

Whenever you feel sick, my heart stops for a second, and wish I was the one feeling the pain or the discomfort. I also wish I could speak doggy language, so I could precisely know what is going on. Being your mama has helped me develop extreme attention to detail. I know your faces, the different ear moves you make when you are alert, sad, or happy. I know when you're about to poop, or when you just want to smell a spot in circles (just for the sake of it). I love to hear you "bark", and I think is funny when you -  a 20lbs baby dog - tries to protect me from the evil vacuum. 

I guess I just wanted to write you a note, hoping that anyone who is hesitating on having a baby (furry or human) stops doing so. Being a mom has been the biggest challenge, honor, and privilege of my life. You've taught me to love beyond limits, and to understand what is to care so much about someone who is not yourself. 

Thank you for letting me love you every day of my life. I can't wait to keep enjoying life with you, my best friend, my son, my pugtato.


With all my heart,

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