Who You Callin' a Hoe?

Written By: Michelle Davalos ~ @michelle.g.davalos

When walking into my nail salon, I noticed a young beautiful Queen receiving a pedicure. She had a flawless bronze skin tone, lovely long blonde hair, talon glittery pink nails and already dressed for her Friday night. She gave me all the YESES! Yes, you’re beautiful. Yes, your outfit is on point. Yes, you radiate confidence and if I had a hat on, I would tip it to her. 

Shortly after my arrival an older white man, in his late sixties, walk through the open doors. He was wearing a light green cashmere sweater, a puka shell necklace and Sperry loafers. A nail tech had asked "May I help you?” He responded, “I’m here for her” and pointed to the Queen. The entire salon turned to look at her. It was clear there was a significance age difference and style disparities between the two.

She explained to him she’ll be a little while longer and to wait for her in the car. As he left, the room erupted in to Vietnamese chatter. It was obvious the all the nail techs were talking about her and made immediate assumptions. The way they looked at her made me uncomfortable! The Queen was quick to hurry up the process and bolted out of the salon. 

Why do we still slut shame? We don't know her story and we don’t know his story. He could have been her Uber driver or family member. Even if they were in a romantic relationship, why can’t we praise her for being comfortable and confident to challenge societal beliefs of a traditional relationship. Her sexuality and relationships are matters of her own choice!

This experience was a great reminder stop judging and champion each other. Slut shaming is outdated! Please stop the madness!