El Anillo Pa'Cuando?!

Written By: RO


So you like our curves? You like how we can get it up? So where's the ring honey?!  JLo’s new song (El Anillo) is mesmerizing!She gets a little nasty and I love it! She’s right though! Listen we can buy our own damn jewelry. We can have anyone we want. Women are a divine seductive machine and we know we can conquer anyone that crosses our path. If you want us so bad and want us all to yourself, “el anillo pa’cuando?”  If you want us to give you everything then give us that rock. Done. Simple. Mic drop.


Commitment shows you are in it for the long run. Some say it's just a paper (marriage certificate) so is a driver's license. You promised the DMV to always obey the traffic laws. You know what else is a paper? A college degree. You know those 4 years you devoted yourself to your studies to prepare for your career? Yea, that one.


R. Kelly says there's nothing wrong with a lil’ bump n’ grind and there ain't nothing wrong about wanting a rock on that finger! Hey, wtf they want you in their life forever exclusively but can't commit to marriage? That “paper" means nothing because they love you? Bull shit. Then why not sign the paper? Clearly that “paper" means somethin’ to them and they aint got the balls to sign it cuz they a lil’ punk ass bitch. So in other words, that's how you know the only ring you are gonna get is on the phone, nah mean?

If you decide to move on...you can make up a new playlist that is the soundtrack of your newly single life. Queen B has a great one for a moment like this “if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it!” Get your revenge body in check and go out there and take a bite out of the world, and if you're lucky it might just bite you back! (wink, wink) hello summer lovin’!