5 reasons to rock the #nomakeup look


At Sunday Morning View, we celebrate beauty in all its forms, and most importantly, we want to make a statement that women don't need make up to look and feel at their 110%. When shooting our #SundayGirls - our head photographer, and #peachlover Karlo Gomez - asks his muses to remove whatever product they have on their face. I've had the honor to be photographed by him, and I can tell you how much freedom I felt when doing so. It's literally a "F-u" statement to all media that pushes the "you're not enough" message. 

Once you've embraced the whole #nomakeup lifestyle, you'll notice a couple differences. Check them out:

  • Your skin will thank you for this makeup break - you'll slowly recover a natural glow, and will forget about "retouching" your lips every single time you eat. Bonus: You'll be able to kiss your significant other without worrying for leaving him/her looking like a clown

  • You'll have 20-30 extra minutes per day to do you! - You can sleep in, prepare those yummy pancakes in the morning (and finally ditch the cold bagel), read your favorite book, or even spend more time having those imaginary conversations in the bathroom (aren't those the best?)

  • Your friends will notice it - and there it comes the best opportunity to preach about what you stand for. Don't forget to tell them about your free time, and growing savings account. Those are wonderful bullet points to encourage others to join you

  • If you're starting to date someone, they will fall in love with your actual looks - I've read many times that if you want to see how a girl actually looks like, invite her to a pool date (this kind of pisses me off) but here's your opportunity to show your sexy and natural self. Who wouldn't want to spend his/her time with such a gorgeous babe?

  • Forget about a melting look - Those who live in a humid area, know exactly what I'm talking about. Summer is coming, and one of the biggest fears when you're doing your make up is getting the look messed up because of the weather. No makeup? No problem! Make sure you're hydrating your skin properly, and following a healthy diet. That combination will make your face glow!

I started rocking my #nomakeup look a couple of weeks ago because I tried a product that seriously messed up my skin. At the beginning, I was reluctant to go for it but I've given it a try, and I'm seriously considering to go Alicia Keys style for good.


Have any of you gone #nomakeup? What are your thoughts? Let me know via DM @mariitatorres

With love,