Defeating the Sorority Stereotype


Sorority women are traditionally portrayed in the media as vapid, bitchy, catty, and lacking integrity. They also weigh in at 110 pounds with shiny blonde hair, perfect breasts, and a designer wardrobe. Unfortunately, these depictions of sorority women always miss the mark when it comes to what sorority life is really like.

Sororities were created to give women community and purpose on male-dominated campuses. To this day, they remain pillars of strength, purpose, and diversity for women. They are safe spaces for women to explore leadership opportunity, find academic and extracurricular support, and pursue their passions, all while experiencing a social outlet that can often fall through the cracks during a college career.

Joining a sorority means gaining the friendship and support of women across the nation, but more than that, it means finding your future bridesmaids, always having a shoulder to cry on, and having a wide circle of people who will be willing to grab coffee or go on a late-night Taco Bell run with you.

Attacking sorority women based on a heinous stereotype is simply bad feminism. We can’t pretend to champion women’s rights and equality for all while we continue to tear down the women who choose Greek life. For many women, sororities make them feel empowered. The sisterhood gives them purpose.


The beauty of Greek life is that each house offers something different for the variety of people that go through recruitment. Even if Greek life wasn’t the right choice for you, it’s a simple matter of respect. Sorority women are not a stereotype. Please don't treat them like they all fit in one small box, instead embrace the Strength in Sisterhood.