You’re NOT Invited

Written By: RO


Ever been left out? Sucks right? You start wondering why you are the only one not going to the party?


Or the happy hour? It's time to learn your next life lesson : You won't get invited to everything, so move on. When you're in the moment though it's not as easy to just let that shit go! You begin to wonder what did I do to that person to NOT deserve an invite!!??


Take it as a moment of reflection. But don't dwell on it too much. It could be an ex of yours was going to be there, or it may be a smaller get together and you may not know anyone there. Or, could that person be slowly drifting from your friendship harbor? Whatever the reason, who cares. You have other people in your life who want you to be a part of theirs so call them up and go hang out!

You can also try heading out solo and meet new people.  Life is so short, you don't need people in your life who don't want to invite you out. Phuk ‘em. Whatever you do, don't stay home the same night as the party. Make new memories,  be adventurous, and do something better than a party. That way if it ever comes up you can be like “Oh I had plans, I wouldn't have been able to go anyways.”

Most importantly, let it go. Don't give it much thought. At some point this was going to happen and you have to be ok. Just make note of it and maybe start seeing this friend in a new light. Don't hate on the people who were invited. Just be cool about it and be the bigger person. Carrying resentment is too much work anyways and bad vibes aren't helpful. Continue to be your kind self because you're a bad ass like that. “Sometimes you're not invited, so you don't steal the attention. Remember that.”