Shameful Portions

Written By: Kathryn Swartout

So, it’s a Friday night, your co-workers invited you out to a dinner and drink at the local restaurant. You are all talking and making jokes about what to get, and they are all talking about the carb loaded meals with sides and appetizers plus a few drinks. You know you are supposed to be watching what you eat, but you have been eating clean for weeks, and the end to your food cleanse is almost over. What do you do? Stick to your plan and finish it like a champ!

Going out in public with others can be a fun time, especially when it involves dinner and drinks. However, you shouldn’t think that just because everyone else is binging on bar food, that you should too.


This issue can also go both ways, you shouldn’t be ashamed to order the meal you have been wanting or you have earned. Not everybody is judging you on your decisions, it’s all in your head, just tell yourself that it is okay.

Whatever the situation, you should never feel ashamed, just own it and enjoy every second of whatever you decide to do.