Comments Raged after poet speaks mind


If you haven’t read Janne Robinson yet, let me introduce you.

She’s a poet, who writes whatever is on her mind about many things - healing, sex, self-love.  One of her most recent posts received so much backlash and some Australian media attention that a blue verification checkmark is now nestled by her Instagram name.

In this post, Robinson asks women “to please stop injecting shit into [their] lips”, to “stop sewing [their] ass to [their] face”.  Full post here

When I read it, my reaction was

But, as is the way of the Internet, not everyone agreed.

Her art did what art is supposed to do - evoke emotion. But that emotion seemed to turn to anger as comments rolled in.

Some said her post was more body shaming than body positivity. Robinson was asked to “check her privilege”, while another advised “Hold your tongue and move along”. One commenter called her rancid.   

There are multiple reasons why each person chooses to have these procedures done, whether medical or cosmetic, as commenters pointed out. It is not anyone’s business what someone else does with their body or money.

One of my friends recently underwent a breast reduction and to see the tangible relief in her body when that excess weight was literally taken off her shoulders, I couldn’t imagine her going back to life before.  

But I agree with Robinson that work needs to be done on the inside as well as the outside.

It encourages me that those who commented seem to have a similar mindset about body modification- Do whatever works for you.

This is essential as no one has an identical body or circumstance. We have to remember our viewpoints are just as different and that is beautiful. We have to keep these conversations away from finger pointing and villainizing. It only hurts the women around us and those who will come next.