Pizza Cravings? – We got you covered!

Written By: Gabi Torres 


I was debating between writing an article about the MET gala, or sharing a zero fat recipe I tried the other day and got me in-love.

I decided to go for the recipe, just because I love eating more than trash talking about art... on top of that, who am I to criticize others, right?

Anyhow, I got inspired by this Sunday's stories, and thought it was a great idea sharing healthy recipes, and remove the "carbs" stigma. That night I got some pasta too, and thought I would share with all of you this ah-ma-zing dish from Lori Shaw. 

She's legit one of my main go-to when I want to get ideas of yummy-healthy things. I'm assuming that everyone in here is also a pizza lover. So check out this great option to satisfy your cravings! 


You can thank me later for this gem, and can also get more of this hot lady recipes in her Ig: Lori Shaw - I promise you won't regret it!

With much love, and hungriness,