You Talking Shit?!

Written By: RO

That moment when you find out people are talking shit about you has you like “ey,  go have your period in a shark tank mofo!” it's so enerving! It's flat out petty shit that no one deserves. The way I see it you got beef with someone, then go grill the person you are mad at, then stick a fork in it ‘cuz you done with them.

So let's shoot the shit about people who talk shit. Bottom line, they hatin’ on you, BAD! They can't be you, so they'll just talk about how much they hate how nice you are, pretty you are, successful you are, and not to mention talk shit about how you dress everyday. They just hate how you are so put together and they can't seem to find the time for a decent pedicure. Haters are out there. They are real. They are negative vibes that try to kill your positive ones. Don't lose who you are or accommodate any one. If they feel inferior to you then they have issues and should call Dr. Phil.

Let's discuss your plan, the next set of steps to take down this clan of the poor idiots who have nothing else to do but talk about you behind your back. You do nothing. That's right, nothing. They can't show you face when talking shit, why would you let them have your precious time, and your precious face. Confrontation can lead to bigger problems, like getting fired, ruining relationships, awkward environments for others who weren't even involved. If you choose this route, remember you could be serving them more ammo to talk shit about you some more. Use smart words, be direct, and don't offend them just kill them with kindness. Keep the enemy closer right?

If this still doesn't fix anything then remember this quote “ If you don't like me and still watch everything I do, bitch you are a fan.” So embrace it. They can't be you. You have something they want but can't have. So they’ll just hate on you. You have their undivided attention. Just let it feed your ego baby!