Soccer your soul


Written by: Michelle Davalos ~ @michelle.g.davalos

As you may have heard, the United States did not qualify for the FIFA World Cup. This is a huge bummer, but all is not lost. We can cheer on the other North American teams such as Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama. The world cup provides an opportunity for use to appreciate some of the fittest men in the world run in circles, cursing, sweating, while perfecting their acting skills.


What I find most interesting for this World Cup is 23andMe sponsorship to “Root for Your Roots". This marketing scheme is pure genius! With 23andMe and, genetic testing has become the norm. Everyone knows someone who has performed the saliva test and started to dive into the worm hole of their ancestry.

For me, this year the World Cup is much more than futball (soccer). The games will connect fans to cheer on countries which they have not visited but lives within their veins. I’m a fan of both and futball. I performed the DNA test last summer and it has connected me to some of the most amazing, generous and loving people I have ever met. So, this world cup I’ll be rooting for my roots; England, Nigeria, Sweden, Denmark, and Senegal.

What teams will you be cheering for?


Much love today and always,