Ditch the Label and Be Fabulous


Written By: Ro


Looking back into history, the U.S. has come a long way. We became our own country, slavery was abolished, Women’s Right Movement (can I get a HELL YEAH?!), Civil Rights Movement, the list continues. Many lives were forever affected and to this day we still see the repercussions of such movements. The transgender community has yet to see justice on the horizon. They continue to be persecuted and live a life of anguish. I am here to use my voice to say this: We are all beautiful, live and let live.

Let’s take away everything we know about transgender women. Don’t they have two legs, two arms, a heart and a brain? Uh, yea. Laverne Cox (Sophia from Orange is the New Black) says it best. She says “ I choose to be seen and known in a world that tells me I shouldn’t exist.” ABSOLUTELY! AMEN SISTA! Listen up yo’, who cares if people disagree with what you look like. If you feel beautiful in a corset or mini skirt, you rock the hell out of that outfit!(and don’t forget the red lipstick) What a different world we would live in if we encouraged each other to do what makes us happy and not live under the watchful eye of...oh wait who gives a flying fuck who is watching! Aren’t we supposed to dance like nobody's watching? (I swear i see that quote on pillows, mugs, and t-shirts...you know it’s important if its on a t-shirt)

I take it as a ginormous complement that transgender women are fascinated by us so much, they became one of us! With open arms I welcome all of you into our world and maybe we can swap our favorite makeup tutorials on You Tube later (PrincessJoules has her contouring skills on point). Regardless of the gender you identify with, it doesn’t make you incapable of earning a degree, serving our country, saving lives in an operating room, shit even paying taxes. Think about this If you needed a heart transplant and the surgeon was a member of the transgender community would it really matter if they are wearing Victoria Secret panties or Fruit of the Loom briefs? HEEEEEEEELL NOO! Just save my life, STAT! It’s what’s in our hearts that really matters, let that inner beauty surface and radiate. Don’t let the dark thoughts take over your persona. Transgender rights are still human rights. So just live; live in the skin you’re in.