#RENAISSAUCE series - Coverage


Written By: Gabi Torres

I had the opportunity to review/admire Puteri's #RENAISSAUCE series, and I have to say it was thought provoking, beautiful, and a bit disturbing.


If you take a glance at the following images, you would think these are merely Renaissance's oil paintings. When you take a closer look, you can see there is a mix between Renaissance art, and images of women used in raunchy modern advertising


The artist wants us to come to the realization that the "value of women" are being standardized, and pre-conceived. In this case, if you are portrayed in a renaissance painting, you're valuable... if you're showing your booty in an advertising, you're worthless.

I loved how she replaced the phone booth woman's eyes in replacement with the renaissance's woman's eyes... the messaging is - their value is the same, the conception is the only thing which changed.


In Puteri's words:

..."Like the theory of the spectacle, it's a representation of the image “it isn't the real thing" the facade breaks and we lose the promise of the symbolizations in women renaissance paintings (such as youth and innocence)"

Thought provoking, right?

First of all, are we supposed to be an oil painting? Something fake, created by men, and expected to be subtle, fragile, and pleasant to look at - OR - should we release those mental chains, and define our real value/beauty?

We're human beings, far from perfect, and yet perfect the way we are. Let's stop shaming ourselves, and each other for not fitting in a mold.

Take a moment to have a deeper look to these images, and let us know what you think - Is there any VALUABLE difference between the Renaissance's muse and the Advertising woman?


We are complex creatures which may have a little bit of these renaissance ladies mixed with the raunchier side. But whatever you choose to portray, make sure the notion and concept is coming from YOU and that you OWN it.

To read more on the #Renaissauce series visit www.gadogado.squarespace.com