Celebrity Standing Up To Body Shaming


Being a girl can sometimes feel like a curse. Each month our body spontaneously bleeds. If we get pregnant we have to carry an entire human inside us, while the guy who impregnated us just gets to relax and drink beer still. But, the toughest part about being a woman might just be the insane pressure we put on ourselves to look a certain way. And you know what doesn’t help with that pressure? Body shamers.

Body shamers don’t disappear once you leave high school. You’d think once people got older they’d stop feeling the need to tear women down for how they look. But, fun fact: the internet is a place where people get to body shame others under the cloak of anonymity. And in a world full of body shaming trolls, no one is safe. Not even the most famous of celebrities.

Below are five celebrities who decided enough was enough and responded to these body shamers.

1.Chrissy Teigen:

If you’ve been on Twitter at all, odds are you’ve come across Chrissy Teigen’s page. She is funny, she is relatable, and most importantly, she is always tweeting about food. Because food is life.

But when the actress/model posted a picture of herself featured on the cover of Glamour magazine, one person took a shot at her looks, saying “if you’re going to be on the cover of a magazine at least make it worth it”.


I suppose viewing a magazine cover for 2.5 seconds is pretty taxing if it’s not “worth it” and Teigen understood that in her perfect response. Not only is she sarcastic, but she also stresses the point of don’t tell me how to do my job, k thanks.

2. Pink:

Pink has been a household name for a little over two decades now. Also, like most women who age past the ripe year or 18, P!nk has gone through many bodily changes, such as, GIVING BIRTH--- a bodily phenomenon that people seem to forget about when it comes to critiquing women's bodies.

In 2015 P!nk attended a cancer benefit. During this event, photos of the singer circulated, causing some reaction about her body (as if “reacting” to a body was normal behavior).

In response to the body shaming, P!nk posted this on her twitter

article 4.jfif.jpeg

How many of us have experienced this exact same thing? We feel great about what we’re wearing, until we see a photograph of ourselves and wonder wtf we were thinking. P!nk shows us all in her response that she is human, she loves herself, and that maybe there are more important things to do in this world than worry about a dress size.

3. Gabby Sidibe:

Gabourey Sidibe is a talented actress with a quick wit on social media. While she is best known for her roles in Precious and American Horror Story, some people chose to focus on other parts of the actress. Tweets about the actresses weight came pouring in after her appearance at the 2014 Golden Globes. I guess if you’re going to be an actress, there is some rule on how much you can weigh, because some people tweeted statements such as “who thought this was ok? #Ithinksheatethegoldenglobes”

Instead of breaking her spirit over the backlash, Sidibe responded like a genuine badass and tweeted this:

article 3.jfif.jpeg

It’s safe to assume Sidibe has been introduced to body shamers before, and it’s also safe to say, she doesn’t care. She’s still booking acting gigs. The people tweeting at her? Well, I also think it’s safe to assume they aren’t.

4. Zendaya:

Just when you thought being “too big” was the only body shaming you could experience, here comes the body shaming for being “too small”. Zendaya has been called a “thinspo model”, and has been accused of starving herself in order to stay so thin. Instead of arguing with those who said she was too thin, Zendaya took the high road, showing her young impressionable fans how to handle a situation where someone attacks your body. She tweeted this:

"Now….everyone go look in the mirror at their beautiful body, and love that s–t”

article image 2.jfif.jpeg

5. Emma Stone:

After losing a bit of weight as she got older, actress Emma Stone was put under a microscope for being too thin. People began questioning her about her weight. Emma responded to the questions in a US Magazine interview, where she explained it’s hard for her to keep weight on.

“That's the way my genes have decided to go, and things will change as time goes on, as does everything,” she said in her interview, adding “My job at those moments is to tell myself the truth. Am I taking care of myself in a healthy way? Am I respecting myself and being responsible? And over and over, I answer yes to that question.”


If we have learned anything from these celebrities it’s 1) Don’t mess with them and 2) They’re trying their best to be comfortable in their skin and be proud of who they are/what they look like. Just like all of us.