6th and La Brea Brewery & Restaurant: On The Corner of Fun and Delicious


Photos By: Maylee Tan

Craft beer. Feel-good entrees. An open and beautiful dining space. If any of these buzz words set your hungry belly on fire, then consider cruising down to 6th and La Brea Brewery & Restaurant. Just as it’s name states, 6th and La Brea can be found at the joint of these two bustling streets in the most trendy block of Hollywood for friends and foodies to stumble upon and trickle in for a delicious craft beer and some delicious dishes.

The ambience of the restaurant had a spacious and modern feel. The exposed piping on the ceiling gave the space a rustic touch but was balanced with an overall white and clean interior. A gorgeous bar top flanked the right side of the interior for skilled bartenders to serve up unique craft cocktails and a delightful selection in-house and guest drafts. A fleet of tall bar top tables, elegant booths, and a spacious patio overlooking the bustle of the intersection provide a variety of dining experiences– it’s all up to you!

But how did the food compare to the stunning view? Read on below to see what we grubbed on at the trendiest restaurant on the block.


The Taste Test


To Start: Crispy Cauliflower with KFC Sauce

Appetizers are tricky: the wrong sort will send your tastebuds to the wrong side of the spectrum before you’ve even had a chance to tackle your entree. This delicate and crispy cauliflower made the perfect introduction to our meal.

It was gently salted and paired with a tangy sweet chili sauce, making our taste buds bounce happily back and forth between sweet and salty. Ah, an appetizer has never been so satisfying.


On To The Next: Hand Rolled Dumplings

Perfectly plated like four bundles of joy in a bath of lime-y soy sauce, these dumplings were a pleasant surprise. The texture was a solid 10/10 as far as dumplings go; despite sitting in sauce, they maintained their integrity and had a classic crunch! They were stuffed with tender mushrooms and *gasp* “impossible meat”! This was good enough to deceive a non-vegan like me, and I wasn’t even mad about it.


The Main Event: K.F.C. (Korean Fried Chicken)

This was it. A giant hunk of blazing red chicken on a stark white plate, served with an equally large knife to cut through the mass.


Beautiful, tender chicken, big enough to share with a friend or two (if you’re willing, that is.) The sweet chili glaze was an echo from the cauliflower appetizer that previewed what was in store for us. We were pleasantly stuffed after a few bites!


The Underdog: Niman Ranch Short Rib and Glass Noodles

This dish took us all by surprise with it’s fall-apart softness and delightful tangy flavor.


A gentle fork through each piece was enough to carry each bite to our mouths, sending an amazing burst of flavor and tender texture. This dish came with a side of glass noodles that served as a yummy palette cleanser that was tons of fun to slurp!

Final Thoughts

My biggest regret was not taking all my friends to eat with me. The menu was extremely expansive, the service was incredible, and it was a guaranteed good-time! All of the dishes are so different that there’s bound to be something for everyone (including the vegan in your party.)

Whether you’re stopping by for a drink or a celebration with family or all your best buds, 6th and La Brea is the perfect destination for good drinks, good food, and good times.

Address600 South La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036


Phone(323) 998-8565

Instagram: @6thlabrea


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