Wafflejack - Bites of Belgium in LA


Inspired by the Euro-travels of founder & CEO Joshua Lee, Wafflejack made its debut appearance in 2016 in the heart of Hollywood.

Nestled in The Deck at Hollywood & Highland, this storefront overlooks the infamous and ever-crowded Hollywood Boulevard. While it’s location above the boulevard is great, it is the interior plastered in #wafflejack selfies


that is a true testament to the joy these Belgian delights bring.

For all of us people watchers, this is a primo spot for a treat and a show, both inside and outside of the store. To be honest, we were probably fairly entertaining to watch as we gawked at the assortment of sample waffles they have lined up in the glass case leading to the register.


Order from their menu or build a waffle of your own creation—everything is customizable!

Wafflejack serves up two types of waffles: Brussels and Liege, both made with imported pearl sugar from Belgium—can’t get much more authentic than that on this side of the pond. We would suggest getting one of each to enjoy the best of both worlds! But if you must choose, we (both your SMV and Wafflejack teams) are huge fans of the chewier, sweeter Liege waffles made with dough that’s proofed twice before baking. If you want something more semblant of what we know as breakfast waffles, go with the crispier, lighter Brussels waffles made with yeast-leavened batter and meringue to achieve maximum fluffiness.

We started with the KG fave: Nutella Liege Waffle.

We already know you can’t go wrong with Nutella, but wow does it become more heavenly when slathered atop a warm and chewy Liege waffle.

A crowd favorite that is both vibrant and delightful is the Strawberries & Cream Liege Waffle:

freshly baked waffle + freshly cut strawberries + freshly house-whipped cream. Did someone ask for fresh?

We had a lot of fun figuring out how to enjoy our Oreo Cheesecake Brussels Waffle!

It’s served to you with three mounds of Oreo cheesecake each topped with an adorable mini-Oreo lined down the center of a beautifully golden-brown waffle. Method 1:

cut a square of waffle, fork a bit of Oreo cheesecake into the square, place said square + cheesecake in your mouth, ENJOY.

Method 2:

spread the cheesecake mounds evenly across the waffle, pick up the entire waffle, bite into the cheesecake waffle, ENJOY. Either way (or maybe you have your own method—please share!), we love both the aesthetic of this waffle as well as how the light and crispy Brussels waffle compliments the rich decadence of the Oreo cheesecake.

For a true burst of color and berry flavor, get your hands on the Berry Mascarpone Brussels Waffle.


Like everything else, their mascarpone is freshly made in-house, and the scrumptiously sweet berries are lined with such care, you’ll almost feel bad cutting/biting into it. Almost.  

While this girl generally has a major sweet tooth, I must say that my absolute fave on the menu was the Margherita Pizza Stuffed Waffle.

A pizza waffle?! Yes, a pizza waffle. And it is incredible. It’s a warm Liege waffle stuffed with hot, stringy mozzarella and Parmesan cheese (#cheesepull), aromatic basil, and savory tomato sauce with garlic butter. It should come with a warning label: may ruin normal pizza for you.

Top three things we’re looking forward to trying on our next visit: Spicy Habanero Chicken Cheese Stuffed Waffle, Churro Waffle Bites, and the seasonal flavor of Ice Cream Sandwich made with SF-based Double Rainbow ice cream!

As a note, the Hollywood location is the only one that has an actual storefront. Oh and a hashtag printer (it basically turns your phone into a photobooth—ask the staff for assistance if needed!). It’s definitely worth a visit, and when you do, we moustache you to post on Insta using #wafflejack #sundaymorningview. And remember to get your H&H parking ticket validated so it’s only $2 for 2 hours! The other locations (Glendale, Culver City, Riverside, Bakersfield, and Northridge) serve up their delicious waffles out of kiosks, so keep an eye out whenever you’re looking for a delicious treat!

A Special thanks to the amazing management and staff ❤️