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Written by: Maylee Tan // @pixel.eats

Photos by: Maylee Tan

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Fried chicken is having a huge moment in the foodie spotlight! Many are flocking to the biggest joints in fried chicken fame for the satisfying crunch in a battered and deep-fried drumstick. But how many fried chicken places do you know about that can do it all? We’re talking chicken fried to perfection, incredible side dishes, and unique and refreshing drinks you’ll need to refill in seconds. Ah!

Rockbird is no one-trick chick; from exotic chicken sandwiches and juicy roasted hens to fresh and addicting sides, this neighborhood restaurant is a one-stop shop for all your cravings.

The Taste Test

Vacation-Inspired Chicken Sandwiches

Inspired by well-travelled flavors, these two sandwiches redefine the standard for chicken sandwiches with an exotic kick!

The Wok Bird: sriracha mayo, a sweet chili glaze, and fresh cali-slaw. Incredible crispy texture with a fiery but welcome kick to the tastebuds. A sriracha-lover’s dream come true!


The Baja Bird: creamy cilantro aioli, bright citrus slaw, a glaze of chipotle sauce, and fresh tomatoes. My taste buds fled the coop and took a mini vacay. This tasted like sweet and citrusy met for the first time in history and I stood as a witness.


Both sandwiches were flanked with two incredible plush and lightly glazed brioche buns. Y-U-M. Who needs a tropical getaway when you can tour the world in a chicken sandwich? Now that’s getting your money’s worth.

Hot-Off-The-Grill Roasted Cornish Hens

You know you’re in for a treat when you pull chicken apart with your hands and the meat falls off the bone! Incredibly tender and fresh, these cornish hens are portioned for sharing but you’ll want to keep it all to yourself. Rockbird provides an exciting selection of sauces for every personality: chipotle honey sauce, classic bbq, and a creamy garlic aioli. I loved the garlic aioli so much that I asked to take some home to slather on everything! It’s THAT good.


Scrumptious Sides to Your Liking

The best part about the sides at Rockbird is that there’s something for everyone: roasted brussel sprouts for the veggie-lovers, kale tabbouleh for the fresh-seekers, and a 3-cheese mac’n’cheese for cheat days (or in my case, that’s everyday!)

The brussel sprouts come roasted and charred to perfection, topped with a tart glaze of balsamic. If you thought you hated brussel sprouts, these will make you think again. Hard. Did you say you hated kale, too? This fresh kale tabbouleh converted me on the spot; I realized it when I was reaching for a forkful after every bite of chicken. And do I need to talk about how incredibly creamy and cheesy the 3-cheese mac’n’cheese was? There are no words. The best things in life are often difficult to describe– I’ll let the cheese do all the talking.

I promise that if the chicken dishes don’t have you running back, you’ll be thinking about these sides for the next two weeks.


Real Refreshing Drinks

Soda fountains are basic, so Rockbird kicks it up another notch with their craft refreshers. The Honeydew Mint carried the fresh flavors of summer, while the Jamaica refresher kept things cool and classic.

These were such a delight. Hey Rockbird, is there a way I can have these drinks on tap at my house? Thanks.


Final Thoughts and The Future

Rockbird is the beautiful product of a collaborative effort between two brothers, Daniel and Chris Skaf.

Chris (Left) Daniel (Right)

Chris (Left) Daniel (Right)

They started out by barbecuing cornish hens in their backyard for friends, which was their culinary specialty since 2005. Their humble beginnings took them from a small storefront in their home to their own bustling bizz in Glendale. Along with their head chef and creative culinary artist Javier, the team continues to add to their ever-growing menu to excite customers with each visit.

Daniel (Left) Javier (Middle) Chris (Right)

Daniel (Left) Javier (Middle) Chris (Right)

Culinary Chef Javier

Culinary Chef Javier

The restaurant celebrated their one-year anniversary this month and hopes to continue expanding. The trio is beaming with dreams of opening up new stores in other neighborhoods and some excited discussion about weekend brunch. What can’t Rockbird do?

Step aside, Applebee’s; the real neighborhood restaurant is in town.

Daniel (left) Maylee (Middle) Javier (Middle) Chris (Right)

Daniel (left) Maylee (Middle) Javier (Middle) Chris (Right)

Visit // @RockBirdLA

1147 E Colorado St
Glendale, CA 91205

(818) 484-7654

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