Tokyo Hamburg: A Brand New Japanese-Korean Dining Experience


Written by: Maylee Tan // @pixel.eats

Photos by: Maylee Tan

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As the sun sets over the bustling streets of Koreatown in Los Angeles, the night lights come on for the anticipated evening rush. Tokyo Hamburg, a rising sun in a curated sea of fine Asian cuisine, welcomes each of its customers into a dining experience that is truly unique. With it’s cool and comfortable ambience, Tokyo Hamburg has become a lively destination for best buds and hungry hearts, all in search for one thing: an evening of rib eye katsu so fresh that you can enjoy it rare, and a deeply-marinated, tender hamburger patty, inspired by famous high-fashion Japanese cuisine.

Tokyo Hamburg brings a fusion of popular and high quality Japanese and Korean cuisine and delivers it straight to LA’s door— and your eager tastebuds!

The Taste Test

The Famous Tokyo Hamburg

Top quality Angus beef makes up the fabric of the Tokyo Hamburg, and trust me when I say it’s quality you can both feel and taste. The beautifully shaped meat patty is accompanied by a sizzling hot stone for you to gently cook the delicate trimmings.

The flavor in each bite told a tale of freshness and long, complex marination. A spike of perfect saltiness, countered by a base of pepper and a puzzling delivery of umami to finish the taste as you eagerly cook your next bite.

It’s really no wonder why they’ve named the restaurant after this one dish!


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Tender Rib Eye Steak Katsu

When a restaurant boldly claims that you can eat something really rare, they’re usually pretty damn sure that they’re serving you the freshest, high quality protein there is. That complete faith is justified in their Rib Eye Steak Katsu and I was made a believer in one night.

Get this: the meat was so tender that just by gently picking up the katsu, I felt like I could bruise it! About 6 seconds on each side was all that was necessary to cook the tender slices, leaving the center a little pink (and perfect!) Similar to the Tokyo Hamburg, you had the freedom to cook your katsu to your liking– and even enjoy it rare if you wanted to.

With freshness like you wouldn’t believe, this dish was dream-worthy and easily my absolute favorite!

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The Terrific Tuna Tokyo Tower

Apart from being absolutely gorgeous, I can only describe this multi-dimensional flavor sculpture in one way: it’s sushi on crack. Roasted seaweed, masago, spicy tuna, crab meat, avocado, rice, and an artistic mixture of drizzled sauces make up this piece of art. Think about all the things you love most about a sushi roll. Now amplify that by about 10,000. Our kind host came by to mix the whole concoction together and it all fused into a creamy, delightful salad.

He even shaped it into a heart! +10 cute points.

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The Perfect Parfait

It wouldn’t be a review from me if I left without dessert– and this Tokyo Special Parfait did not disappoint!

This parfait alone gives specialty dessert shops a run for their money. Layers of fruit, ice cream, cocoa pebbles AND fruity pebbles, and some more ice cream take this dessert above and beyond. Poking through the peak are a vanilla pocky, chocolate almond pocky, and a vanilla cream wafer. Perfect for sharing, unless you’re sharing with me. I’ll take all three, thank you very much.

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Final Thoughts and The Future

Tokyo Hamburg opened its doors in November of 2016 and is already making huge waves in the LA foodie scene! Their aim is to create a happy experience that brings much more to the table than just food. They want you to feel at home in the midst of an exotic experience, as though you’re overseas, dining in Japan or Korea! They hope to expand to Irvine and Torrance, so look out, SoCal!

I’ve never been to a restaurant that was so well-rounded and I’m stunned at the thought of it. The best part is that all these amazing dishes I got to try make up just a tiny fraction of their entire menu. You bet that I’ll be coming back to try out their cheese katsu and strawberry mochi!

Visit // @tokyohamburg

600 S New Hampshire Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005

(213) 263-2668


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