Here’s What Will Happen if You Never Get Married


Why is it we as girls worry more about being single than guys do?

Or why does it feel like we do?

No one was telling George Clooney to settle down, but yet, they can’t get over Jennifer Aniston being unmarried for so long after her divorce from Brad Pitt?  


I remember running into a friend from elementary school when I was 19 and she made the comment that if she wasn’t married by 21, she had failed.



I understand wanting someone to share your life with, but there are so many more elements to your life, why do we have tunnel vision on this part like it makes or breaks us?

Personally, I’m not scared anymore of being single because I know I’ll catch me. I’ll date and maybe even fall in love, but at the end of the day, I know they will not define me. They are a part of my life; they do not make my life.

I say that, but why suddenly do I feel this way?

My mindset has changed. I’m no longer thinking, “when I get married…” and instead say “if I get married…”  I know many have the mindset that you should date to marry, but am I the only one thinking that just sucks the fun out of everything?  

I’m not going to define my life based on my relationship status and it is definitely no longer on the check-list of my life to lock down a husband.


It is no longer about where the relationship is going to go and making those big life decisions right away. It is about enjoying what is going on in the moment and focusing on what I want in my own life. I don’t want to ask how we can make our lives work together and where we’ll spend Christmas. I just want to go to dinner and enjoy falling for someone and having them in my life, whether that is for two minutes, two days, two months or 30 years.

I am always going to be there, with or without them. I’m not scared of the “what comes after” anymore because I know good day, bad day, crazy day, any day, rain or shine, I’ve got me. I am the one who will motivate me, the one who will take care of me and the one who will pick me up when I get knocked down.


Do you know what will happen if you don’t get married?


You will not die a sad, lonely hermit that doesn’t have a fulfilling life.

Take those expectations and negativity off your shoulders and live!


Start making decisions that focus on you, not who is at the end of the aisle.