Nice to meet you, my name is vajayjay!


Written By: Amber Brand


The Don, Hercules, The Rock and Black Mamba, all names that men use when they are talking about their “third leg”. It seems that over 75% of men all around the world have given their little friend a name. And a large 72% chooses to give their special friend a name that evokes power and strength. It is safe to say that men are proud of their privates, but I never hear women talk about their lady parts in the third person. What is up with that?

Little girls are taught at a young age that they should respect their bodies and make sure that they safe themselves for someone special. That sure is a great lesson to tell our kids, but shouldn’t we also tell them that it is completely okay to feel comfortable in your own skin and to own your sexual needs? And as we grow older we should be proud of the fact that we can get so much joy out of being intimate with someone else, instead of being afraid to be called a whore or a slut. We should be proud of our gorgeous bodies, beautiful minds and sexual energies. And maybe that starts by giving our vaginas a name.

Now I’m not talking about ‘Little pink fluffball’ or ‘Bundle of joy’, we should follow the men’s example and come up with something fierce and funky. Something that really stands for the independent, cool, powerful women that we are. Are you not feeling inspired yet? Don’t worry, here’s a little tip from us to make this process even more fun:

Call all your girlfriends, open up a bottle of wine (or tequila, desperate times call for desperate measures) and start brainstorming. This will definitely bring you guys closer and give all of you stomach aches from laughing like crazy. But I bet that at the end of the night you can all go home with the perfect name for your ‘Snake slayer extravaganza’!