Things you should know before you date!


Sex and Relationship

When one thinks about sex and relationship, a multitude of things can flood the mind. Today, out of that multitude, we choose relationship readiness as this week’s topic of discourse. Of course, to make sense out of this, let us consider this to mean how physically, psychologically, socially and emotionally ready a person is for a relationship. When are you ready to be in a relationship?


Well, I don’t know. The thing about relationship advice is that most times you are best off taking it firstly from yourself. You spend the most time in these scenarios and you’re competent, so you’ll pick up on most of the signs, right? Of course, life is not that simple. We can’t exclusively lean on our perspective, which is why I’m here.


Psychological Readiness

Describe your current mental state to me. When was your last breakdown? You see, the world doesn’t believe in the actuality of mental health, only in the concept or idea behind it. This is the reason why we often overlook our mental state before we enter into relationship. Ideally, we should all be sat down contemplating our mental health before considering any potential partner, but we were not raised like this. We look at a person’s race, social status, personality compatibility but hardly what do they do for us mentally. A person’s mental status is as important as any of these factors in determining whether or not you’ll go on to have a fulfilling relationship with that person and, as such, it should be treated that way. This person you want to be with so bad, have you seen them during or after a mental breakdown? What’s their mental health history? How often do they break down? How’d this impact them and the people around them?


These are not just questions that I’m asking you now; these are questions I truly believe every person should ask themselves before entering into any sort of relationship. Psychological compatibility is indeed a thing and should never be undervalued.