Am I physically ready for a relationship?


Physical Readiness


Are you in shape? When I ask this, I ask not for people’s opinion of what your body should be, but how you ideally picture yourself in your head. When you open your eyes and stop dreaming about how stunning you’ll look in your next IG pic after you finally start going to the gym, what do you see? When you look in the mirror do you see the person you want to be? And, if not, are you working to become that person? And no, “I’m working on it” doesn’t constitute an acceptable answer. You need to have a systematic plan in place. This doesn’t require an obscenely detailed scheduled that must be followed to the tee, but it must at least be step by step process to better yourself.


No matter your opinion, physical attraction is a major part of most relationships and the most important part of this is not how attractive your partner finds you, but how attractive you find yourself. No matter what a man says to you about your body, unless you’re comfortable with it, it won’t matter. Compliments do of course

help, however, until you’re at home in your own skin they won’t illuminate you in the way they should. Why? This is due to the incongruity of the praise and the ideal self image rooted in your psyche. We want to believe the lovely things people say about us but, until we believe it ourselves, we’ll always question the legitimacy of those claims. Until next time keep Queening !