If you watch one thing this week, make it this.


I have one homework assignment for you and it is to watch the two videos below.

I will give a disclaimer that the company behind the short films is a skin care company, so obviously the company has some possibly alternative goals. Even with that, I feel these videos have sincere, important messages.

Marriage Market Takeover:

The Expiry Date:

Let us know what you think.


The underestimated guy friend


Written By: Jill Warwick

Let’s raise a glass to the guy friends in our lives.

You know, the besties everyone thinks you’re dating, and who probably know more about you than some boyfriends.

The guys you can be your ugly, rude, disgusting self with and not worry about scaring off because they are just as gross as you.

These are the guys that are there when you have a bad day; they make you laugh, they let you vent, endorse your need to set shit on fire (in a safe, legal and controlled way...obviously) and keep you sane.

Let’s end the debate already-yes men and women can JUST be friends.

And why shouldn’t we? Maybe we’d understand each other a lot more if we would talk to someone behind the enemy lines.

I mean, it is a lot easier than trying to pull a “What Women Want” type of move to read the mind of the opposite sex.

Scroll for the pros of hanging with the boys:

You can ask the important questions


They are great drinking buddies


They will be your wingman


And help keep the creeps at the bar away


And they use that boy-ish charm to keep your life interesting


Be sure to give them some love today.  



Break Up or Make Up?


This dreaded question has welled up too many pretty eyes at night. It has punched us right in the gut and has even kept us from getting out of bed! I mean this topic is so inhumane! On the real though, it’s just a matter of thinking things through and making an educated decision.

First of all you have to think about you. Are you really happy? It's like the oxygen mask on the airplane; you must put yours on first before you do anything else! Same concept here. You have to put yourself first before making any decision. It's okay to be selfish at this point! Matters of the heart shouldn’t be taken lightly. You must choose your happiness over anything else.

Being happy is highly contagious. When you are truly happy it rubs off on others. Same thing with when you are feeling miserable. It begins to make others feel uncomfortable around you, thus, becoming the root of an unhealthy relationship. Granted, shit will happen. Its how you deal with it that will determine a healthy outcome. When these mistakes happen, learn to be grateful. Mistakes make us a better person. You didn’t pop out of your mom’s vajajay learning how to walk did you? When your legs were sturdy enough you took your first step without any help. Choose to be strong and take a step forward to make YOU happy. Don’t worry what others may say or think.

You are ALWAYS enough. Let me say it again, YOU ARE ENOUGH! Don’t ever think that you are not worthy of a loving relationship because of who you are.Like a lump of clay, life has molded you in a way to help you survive in a world already filled with too much hate. An author who goes by the name Guy says when you can’t change the circumstances you are in, just accept it. It’s not worth losing your inner peace over.

In a relationship you can commit to being the best version of yourself and let the love grow from there.Stay in a relationship that makes you want to be a better self, not toxic to be around. Don’t lose your faith in love. J. Lo was married three times, and like her song says she still wants to love and dance again. The girl who you would think has everything was missing one thing, her own happiness. She says in her book “Sometimes you have to explore the darkness to get to the light and get back to who you are.” Value yourselves. #youdoyou


Not Like the Movies


Written By: Kimberly Davis


When you grow up on Disney movies, rom coms, and chick-lit you get used to a certain mindset. The “boy meets girl and they fall in love” mindset; nothing is inherently wrong with this, so you’re probably wondering what my gripe is. I have just one question: why couldn’t Cinderella approach Prince Charming first? Why are girls taught that we have to wait for the guy to approach us first, and in the same vein, wait for them to make the first move?


If you find yourself interested in someone, male or female, and you’re unaware if the feeling is mutual I challenge you to go and find out. Just because someone isn’t chasing after you, doesn’t mean they aren’t interested or that they couldn’t be interested in you. The person may just be afraid of rejection (because who isn’t afraid of rejection?), have a more introverted personality, or they just haven’t looked at you in that light (yet).

There is nothing wrong with a little initiation, people aren’t mind readers. And let’s be totally honest here, some guys are oblivious and need things to be spelled out for them. I mean, think back to all the people you’ve been interested in; why didn’t you approach them? We’ve been self-sabotaging ourselves here. Unfortunately our love lives can’t be like an 80s movie. We can’t ride off into the sunset on a lawn mower, and Judd Nelson won’t thrust his fist in the air because he won your affections if we don’t make the first move every once in a while.


I’m in no way saying our crushes shouldn’t put in the effort for our affections, I’m saying it’s 2018 and we shouldn’t be afraid to make the first move. I’m saying to slap on some lipstick, square those shoulders, hold your head high and ask for their number, ask to go out for a drink sometime. What’s the worst they could say? No? If that’s the case, we don’t want someone who doesn’t want us.