Downtime is Necessary

Written By: Alyssa Rogers


I will absolutely admit that I fall into a go go go mindset. I like to get things done, make to-do lists, cross them off, and then start a brand new to-do list. I go go go until my physical, mental, and emotional batteries are drained. I’m sure that I’m not alone in this.

Sometimes after a full work day, I run errands, go to the gym, do chores when I get home, shower, and fall into my bed and just start crying. I’m not crying because I’m actually sad. I’m crying because I have completely overwhelmed myself and because I have not given myself any time to process my thoughts and emotions, events of the day, or relax at all.

It’s a shame how often this happened (and still sometimes does) before I started taking time to just chill out. And as a writer, I sit in front of a monitor breathing faster than I need to with shallow breaths. However, what I (and most people) need is more deeper breathing. In the midst of our busy lives and to-do lists, our mental health and how we actually feel is more important than how quickly we can get things done.

I make a concerted effort to assess my breathing (Learn more about meditating) and if I am feeling overwhelmed. I ask myself if I am overwhelmed, if I have taken a break lately, and if I need a break regardless of how recently I’ve taken one. Regardless of our work, sometimes we need to step back from what we’re doing, take some deep breaths, and remind ourselves that we’re just floating on a small rock in the middle of space and that life is pretty remarkable.