That’s Perfect to Me


We live in a hyper-curated world where everything is filtered, carefully crafted, and glossed over with glitter to show our followers that we have it all together. There is immense pressure to be perfect when all around us, we see others’ lives in their heavily filtered glory, painting the picture that they aren’t hurting for anything in life.

But “perfect” is so messy. “Perfect” looks different for every single person on this planet. Comparison is the thief of joy, yet we still spend our days pining over the opinions of others on how we are living our own lives.


It has to stop! Our individuality is what makes us perfect. Cookie-cutter Instagram lives are so boring and trying to mold your life around the opinions of others is dangerously unhealthy.


If you do anything today, listen to Anne-Marie’s self-love anthem. Different is not bad. If you want to spend your Friday night on the couch with a whole pint of ice cream, that’s perfect. If you want to show some skin and rock a smokey eye, that’s perfect, too. Perfect is whatever you make it to be.