“Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup”


“You wear too much makeup. Men prefer a more natural look.”

This video created for Amy’ Schumer’s comedy show on Comedy Central paints the hilarious yet harrowing reality of being a woman. Every day, we are bombarded by the opinions of men on how we should eat, drink, talk, stand, think, and believe. Men love to tell us to embrace our natural beauty and inner glow. While we should all strive to be comfortable and confident in our most natural state, that decision is completely up to us.

As she is serenaded by a gorgeous boy band, Amy tosses her makeup into the bin, wipes her face clean, and smiles with confidence, only to be met with grimaces and mascara wands being thrown back at her by those very same men.


Makeup and outward appearance is a very personal decision. If a woman wants to leave the house donning nothing but moisturizer, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And if one day, she wakes up and wants to paint her face and rock a killer set of false lashes, that is completely up to her. As long as she is happy, your opinion should never leave your brain.


Having the confidence to walk around makeup-free is a luxury. Allow the women in your life to come to that state on their own time. The truth is, you don’t need a face full of makeup to be beautiful, but if you want to get your Sephora on, go for it, girl. Your girl gang will be behind you every step of the way.