To Shave or Not To Shave


Written By: Kimberly Davis

Pubic hair divides us. Some of us prefer to keep things downstairs looking like a wild meadow, some prefer a perfectly manicured lawn, while others chose to get rid of their lawn completely. Whether you chose to remove your pubic hair or not, it should be a choice that makes you feel comfortable and confident; not because you feel pressured to look a certain way down there. Yet and still, we’ve all been there at least once before: the emotional stages of shaving your pubes.


Stage 1: Spending an extra 20 minutes in the shower shaving your pubes, only to get light headed from all the steam.

Fun fact, there’s actually some benefit to your bush. There’s a reason we grow hair there. It serves as a protective barrier to genital tissues, particularly the vaginal opening, and it protects against friction. That kind of friction (as well as other, less sexy types of friction).

Stage 2: You can’t see anything down there so you’re kind of just putting the razor wherever and hoping for the best.

In fact, hair removal injuries are becoming more common. Injuries such as abscesses, rashes, and ingrown hairs have increased over the years.

Stage 3: For such a small area, how has it already used up three razors. You could do it with just one razor possibly, but those hairs excess hairs stuck in the blades live there now. They’re never coming out.

Stage 4: Your vulva looks like a hairless cat, but your mons pubis looks “neat and tidy”. Fun fact, 19th century women shaved off their pubic hair and replaced it with a merkin (pubic wig) to protect against lice infestation.


Stage 5: It’s the next day, how is it growing back already?! Why is growing in all patchy and course? Why does it itch so badly?!


Stage 6: Vow to never shave your pubes again. Maybe you’ll try waxing next time instead?

If you should try waxing next time, make sure to make the appointment for after your period. Due to hormone changes days before and during your period, it is more likely to hurt.