Why Are Female Friends So Hard to Find?


Written By: Danielle James ~ @danielleeejames

Why is it so difficult to cultivate and maintain genuine female friendships? There are men on every single corner of this earth trying to block us from flourishing and thriving in our hustle, so why do we continue to stand in the way of our sisters?


We’ve become so used to women having only one seat at the table that we’ve forgotten how to watch other women succeed and be genuinely happy for each other. Instead of rejoicing in another woman’s success, we search for ways to outshine them. As another woman makes a crack in the glass ceiling, we should all be strengthened. Instead, we shame our fellow ladies for being confident and self-assured and then wonder why we aren’t being taken seriously in this world.

How do we break the cycle? How do we be genuinely excited for our sisters’ successes, even when we might be struggling to find the light at the end of the tunnel? We have to start by seeing our fellow badass babes as allies, not as competition. Stop undermining another woman’s confidence and ambition in an attempt to elevate your own status. We have to walk proudly beside each other, to support each other no matter what, to love on each other through good times and in bad.


Historically, the odds have been stacked against us, ladies. But it’s the 21st century and time is up. We’ve taken a stand against the men who have treated us as objects for so long. It’s now time to take a stand against the girl-on-girl hate and support our sisters in their hustle, no matter what.