Dare To Be Soft


Written By: Lacy Bundy


My girl tribe is a beautiful concoction of empowered females on totally different paths. They are mothers, wives, girlfriends, business owners, artists, grad students and even doctors. While they may not all be in the same places in their lives, some still hustling their asses off to reach their goals, others already fulfilling their dreams, they all have two things in common.

Fierce strength and untouchable softness. I like to call them, gentle warriors.


We as women have been duped into believing that softness means you’re weak, fragile or docile. That you can’t be a feminist or be independent if you’re soft. I’m calling society’s bluff.  It is the softness of these women that draws me to them. Their gentleness and sensitivity, that is so lost in much of the world nowadays, is the EXACT reason why they are such strong women.

They’ve felt heartbreak.

They’ve been told no.

They’ve had doors slammed in their faces.

They’ve heard they won’t succeed.

They’ve experienced trauma.

They’ve felt alone.

They’ve dealt with mental illness.

They’ve experienced loss.

But they’re not broken by it. They still believe in the beauty of this world. Still wake up every morning passionate about their lives. When life throws them curveballs, they continue to be open and vulnerable. The calluses of life haven’t harden them. These women, my girl tribe, don’t let the ugly in this world make them bitter and spiteful, they take it and become fearless in their pursuits. But how do we let our softness be our strength?

Be Vulnerable: It’s ok to be scared! I know, I know. The very thought of being rejected or told no is about as pleasant as a pap smear, but know your worth, honey! You are worthy of that promotion or the date with the hot guy you’ve been crushing on. And if it doesn’t happen? Learn from it and let it guide for the next time.


Be Understanding: Yes, we all have those days when everything and everyone annoys the living Hell out of us and that is totally fine. Just remember before you snap or get over the top intense, other people may be having the same kind of day. Instead, break the circle of negativity and be kind and empathetic. Who knows, your kind-heartedness may even turn another person’s day around too.


Be Supportive: Whether it’s sharing what you’ve learned during your darkest days or just simply being a cheerleader for the women in your life. Give yourself unselfishly to others. There is nothing stronger than woman full of love and altruism, no matter what.


There is extraordinary strength in softness and just remember even a soft girl can lead a pack of wolves.

Xoxo Lacy