No Retouching is Beautiful


Written By: Kimberly Davis


Since switching jobs, I do a lot of online shopping (I still prefer the mall though). In any case I was shopping for new bralettes from Aerie when I realized something new about their models: they have physical disabilities and illnesses and they are gorgeous! Aerie continues to be a leader in inclusivity ever since launching their first body positive campaign promising to use models of different body shapes, skin colors, and to never retouch their photos. But this campaign is major! Aerie is now shining a spotlight on 57 women of different backgrounds, ages, and body shapes.


But they didn’t stop there. For the “Aerie Bras Make You Feel Real Good” campaign casting was done through social media, meaning all the women you see in this new campaign are not models but “regular people”. This campaign features women with vitiligo, insulin pumps, surgery scars, down syndrome, and fibromyalgia to name a few of the conditions and life experiences featured.


I purchase Aerie bras because they’re inexpensive (see Victoria’s Secret $60 bras), comfortable, and it’s easier to purchase a bra or a pair of underwear if I know they’re designed to fit women of all shapes and sizes. Growing up with a much bigger chest than all of my friends was hard. And it doesn’t feel good when you walk into a lingerie store and all the lacy, pretty bras stop at a C cup. Plus no one has time for too tight bras, falling bra straps, or underwear that rides up every five seconds when they’re out smashing the patriarchy.
Have a great week ladies.