Let That Shit go


Written By: Alyssa Rogers ~ @honestlyhungry

Just about the only thing we can expect in life is the unexpected (duh). But knowing this doesn’t always mask the shock of unexpected circumstances or changes in plans. For people of who are big planners or who are Type As *raises own hand high into the air*, going with the flow isn’t easy, is sometimes out of the question, and is far from second nature. We have to make letting things go a habit. Ironically, we need to actively practice letting things go in order to let things go.

There is an image that really resonates with me. It is an obnoxiously inaccurate quote, but every time I see it, I take a deep breath and remember my place in the universe. It is of Buddha and says “Let that shit go.”


In the grand scheme of things, minor annoyances and inconveniences are just small potholes on the road of life (that might just be the silliest metaphor I’ve ever written). But it’s true. The more we let shit go - all shit, any shit, the big shit, the small shit, the happier we will be. It’s that simple and it’s that complex. It’s simple because it’s easy to tell yourself and anyone else to chill out, but the praxis harder by far.

In my experience, letting shit go starts with recognizing what shit you need to let go. This requires mindfulness, being self aware, and noticing when you are irritated by thing(s). For example, I am fast walker. People who walk slow on sidewalks and down aisles in grocery stores, for some reason, irritate me to no end. But I know this about myself, and when I encounter these situations, I have coping skills. I breathe deeply. I remind myself that I am actually fortunate and privileged to be able to walk quickly whenever I want. This lets me appreciate my able body. I also ask myself “am I actually in a hurry? do I need to be somewhere asap?” The answer is almost always a resounding “no.” So I let that shit go.