Bad Ass Accounts to Brighten your Instagram Feed


Below you will find five accounts, (in addition to @sundaymorningview, obviously ☺) that I highly recommend for you to follow to get a good laugh, some internal reflection, education, and hopefully, inspiration:

1. @drcarlen


Sexologist, Love Leader and Psychotherapist, Dr. Carlen Costa, is both the Sex Ed teacher and big sister you wish you had!

The thing I enjoy most from Dr. Carlen is that she has created a space where it is okay for women to talk about sex and their bodies. This is a safe place to learn about new things or rethink things you thought you had figured out.

No topic is off limits in her posts or Facebook Lives – butt stuff, toys, hair removal, pregnancy, why we shouldn’t be sleeping with our exes, how to stay fresh during the summer, and most importantly- realizing how powerful we are.

You can also find her on Facebook as Carlen Costa or at her new group, The Every Day Goddess.

2. @justmereka


Reka is a local Radio DJ in my area and she is strong, funny and so full of energy. But more than that, she inspires me. I would listen to her morning show here and there, but really started following her this winter when I was drawn to her commitment to personal growth and honesty.  

She is currently working on a documentary called My Journey to 40 about being single, with no kids. She is unafraid to travel alone, and her posts are empowering reads to get you thinking about yourself and motivated to make changes to better yourself.

3. @shophereforher


The mission behind Here for Her is “to reduce the awkwardness around women’s health”. This Canadian-based enterprise posts a variety of valuable information about women’s bodies and social policies, with some funny and inspirational posts as well. There’s a lot to know about your body and this page is a great way to educate yourself, connect to different resources and to remind you, you’re not alone.

4. @thedryginger


The first time I found this account, I screenshot at least four memes within 10 minutes and sent them to my friends. I’m obsessed and not because I’m a fellow ginger.

If you need a laugh, just give yourself five minutes and scroll through the page.

5. @rupikaur_


I don’t remember when I fell in love with Rupi Kaur’s art, but I have been obsessed ever since that fateful day. So far, she has published two books, milk and honey and the sun and her flowers that are filled with her poetry and drawings.

She is a woman who shared her art and voice with the world, something many are too scared to do. It is beautiful to see where that journey has taken her.

She appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week. Check it out here.