Long For Nothing. Realize Everything.


Written By: Rosie Riott ~ @rosie_riott

Over the years, I have had the privilege of meeting and engaging with a plethora of both mentally and physically successful beings. It is always an honor hearing their stories, as well as the trials and tribulations they’ve faced on their long road to success. While in conversation, one of my favorite questions to ask is, “What keeps you going? You know, on those bad days when you really feel like hiding under a rock, closing yourself off to the world and giving up.” Almost every time, I get the same response and time and time again that response is “having gratitude.”


According to studies done by Harvard Medical School, giving thanks can actually make you happier. “With gratitude, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives and usually recognize that the source of that goodness lies at least partially outside themselves, helping people connect to something larger than themselves as individuals.”


Everyday, I come across people who just want, want, want all while refusing to believe that what they have is already quite plentiful. These people yearn for the newest gadgets, the trendiest look, the biggest house, the sleekest car. Unfortunately, when this mindset is in constant motion, in most cases, almost nothing in their lives going forward will seize to be good enough.


Don’t you think that if we as humans, all 7.6 billion of us on this crazy planet, were trained to take time out of our days to practice gratitude for the life we’ve lived, the life we are continuing to live, as well as the people who enrich and influence our daily lives our mindsets would be completely different? I sure do.


It is in my belief that our minds would be more focused on the actual here and now, the nitty gritty, not the what if’s, the what could be’s or the what could have been’s because as we all know, at the end of the day, that shit isn’t real therefore does not matter. What matters is finding peace and accepting what you already have and what beautiful chaos you have already created for yourself then allowing yourself to grow from that. I find that in order to gain abundance in this life, it is important to seek gratitude first for what has already occurred, and what is currently happening as is.


So, if you are feeling like you are at the end of your rope thinking something has got to give wondering what’s next, well, maybe you ought to sit down and take a look at your life, but make sure it is all without judgement because it is important to remember the steps it took you to get to where you are now. And yes, the roads may have been tough, but you ought to be grateful for the ability you’ve obtained to bounce back and even better as each life experience passes.

One thing I’ll say is practice gratitude; you’ll thank me later.