Written By: RO

When was the last time you smiled at yourself in the mirror with a heroic stance and said “I am proud of the way that I struggled through that task” while you are trying to shove yourself into a pair of jeans or that dreaded bridesmaid dress with the 1980s shoulder pads? NEVER! My point exactly. Where am I going with this you wonder…turning the f word into a positive word; failure.

Failure is tied to our mindset. A lady by the name Carol Dweck explains that the way we think of ourselves profoundly impacts the way you choose to lead your life. Therefore, YOU decide if failure means you totally suck balls at the task you are trying to accomplish OR failure is a means of receiving effective feedback on how to accomplish a task.

When you go to a family barbecue and you vowed to yourself over and over in the car to only let yourself have one small cheat and you ended eating all four corners of the chocolate cake because it has the most frosting…you didn’t fail. You now discovered that you should drink more water and rearrange your meals so that you won’t indulge so passionately again. Don’t beat yourself up, just make the next decision a healthy one. Grab a bottle of water and omg is that a karaoke machine! This is where it’s okay to be a shiny penny.

My point is mistakes/failings are the channels to better choices! Hey, champagne was discovered by mistake! So was penicillin! And the microwave oven, artificial sweetener, post it notes, (WHO DOESN’T LOVE STICKIES!?) oh and Coca Cola, and plastic and the list goes on. Did I mention the first implantable pacemaker was also discovered by mistake? Talk about life changing! Alright alright I’ll stop, you get the picture now…and the ink jet printer. Last one, promise.

Rediscover yourself and go make some mistakes! Ok, maybe that came out the wrong way, but give yourself an opportunity to learn from your mistakes…you never know it could be life champagne. I mean life changing. Man oh man am I thankful for the mistake of champagne! Aren’t you!? Cheers to you and all your endeavors!