Boob vs. Man Made Boob



The moment is dwindling near and you are close to game time...I’m talking about labor! There are SOOOOOOO many decisions to make and as a new parent or veteran parent the same question always fills the air “ You are going to breastfeed right?” It’s not even a question, more of an assumption. People, did your 1st grade teacher ever tell you in the most polite non-lawsuit but almost CPS worthy way to mind your own damn business? You know moms, it’s okay to say that to others...well, maybe not as rude like I just did, but choice words will get your point across.

A mother’s glow can brighten up any room. You know it just radiates from within.(Not because your face is sweaty from your imbalanced hormones).  Making a life inside your own body is an indestructible bond a mother will have with their child for eternity. Life is literally in the making...out of all the questions to ask, you must be thinking “is that what’s on people’s minds?” Don’t let it break you. Like Taylor Swifts says haters gonna hate hate hate. The intrusive inquirer better count their blessings because you are entitled  to answer their question in rated R kind of way. Just say what you want to say and let that damn mic drop.

We all know how a baby depends on their momma 200% of the time. Even when they are grown ass adults and mom still irons their shirts at 32. (It’s cool man, it’s’s a mom thing. I totally get it.) That may have been an extreme example but my point is that one way or another the baby will be nourished regardless of where the supply is coming from. So what’s it to them? A mother’s decision to breastfeed is a personal decision. A mother’s decision to give her baby formula is also a personal one. Whatever your decision is, do not feel compelled to please what society has dictated is “normal”. Ha, Normal... In our society today? B* please! With all that's going on in this world, you stick to what feels right to you. That’s the new “normal”. Besides, feeding a baby from a bottle, whether it’s pumped milk or formula, is equally as beautiful and special.

However, breastfeeding is what society has lead us to believe is the norm for all moms. It is very convenient (food on the go, open like a 7-11, the jokes go on) If you can breastfeed your baby, kudos to you! Making life inside of you AND making food in your chest is like a buy one get one free deal! Celebrate your body and all it can do! You want to breastfeed in public!? Go right on ahead! Be proud! If you’d rather walk into Target and take their whole shelf of formula and clear them completely out AND order an extra case through Amazon Prime, then girl, you do yo’ thang. This decision will not define you as a mother.

Just to sum it up for those of you who may believe one over the other. Yes, each has its own pros and cons but there are no scientific results after an infinite amount of medical research that will determine physical, emotional and cognitive advantages. That my mamacitas are relied mostly on other extrinsic factors. Does “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” ring a bell to anyone??? If it doesn’ damn it’s in the Declaration of Independence! So you see, it's the law to make yourself happy. Make decisions as a parent in the best interest of YOUR child. Period.