Misery loves company. Or does it? A negative plus a negative does NOT equal a positive. I am here to take a Stand and Deliver an important message (HA, see what i did there? Play on words?) Anywho,with negativity as the epicenter of your life, it’s like flies to poop, it’s going to keep on comin’.How to avoid this you ask? Surround yourself with positive people.

Jennifer Gonzalez wrote an article about finding your marigold. Here’s a quick science lesson. If you grow marigolds around your vegetation it helps keep creepy crawlers away from your harvest and it will actually give nutrients to your vegetation to help it continue growing. The lesson here is clear, surround yourself with marigolds. Find the people or crowds that have what you want; positivity. Soon, you will see that you begin to change the way you view things, how you treat others, and most importantly how you feel about yourself.

However, beware of the walnut trees. Crop growers avoid planting their vegetation around these trees because it gives off a toxic substance that will inhibit growth. In other words, steer clear of people who always seem to have a cloud over their head or chips on their shoulders. The only chips you want are the ones you can dip in salsa. Nobody has time to take on other people’s drama, especially if you are working on changing the way you live your life. These “walnut trees” will appear to be friendly, full of life, and sociable. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! These trees will infect you and start to eat at you and build on your insecurities and discourage you from taking on tasks.

“Marigolds” will always encourage you and make you feel welcome. They will help you up when you are down, not kick you. Also, the best part about marigolds is that they can nurture you and turn you into a marigold as well. Blooming into beautiful flowers is what we should all aim to do. Haven’t you noticed how flowers orient themselves toward the sun? They are attracted to the energy of the sun and they continue to grow. Even in the harshest climates, flowers still thrive to survive. Allow bright energy into your life no matter how harsh the circumstances are and let yourself grow. Surround yourself in a bouquet of marigolds.