5 Girls and 1 Bathroom


Written By: RO

They say to give a relationship time...a lifetime to really get to know them on a personal level. How they look with bed hair, how they chew their food, or even how long they take in a bathroom. I've had an opportunity to share a bathroom, for one week, with 5 other girls, in a tiny ass brownstone in NY. I've learned more about them in 1 week than I have in the 5 years that I have known them.

Without getting into any stories, ‘cause boy do I have plenty, I want us (myself included) to give humanity a second chance. You never know what each soul walking around is carrying on their shoulders. They won't always give you their best on the daily, however, there are humans out there who have a heart of gold and are willing to give you the shirt off their back if you ask for it.

So go ahead, find yourself a rooftop with an amazing view and really give people a chance to see who you really are and give others a second chance, even if their first impression sucks and you’d rather they fall off a roof.(Whoa,that was dark! Maybe not fall off, but you know what I mean,  just disappear.)

Now remember that golden rule, do unto others as you would want them to do unto you (massive teacher mode right now!) Always choose kind. The universe will repay you with kindness. In a world where we are witnessing hate, segregation, discrimination, and everything negative make time to find people who will shop till you drop with you or have a drink after a long day or simply walk in the rain with you with a cardboard fruit box to cover up that frizzy ass hair y’all may have.

You can make friends that may or may not turn into a best friend. And that's ok. The older we get the less best friend openings we have in our lives. Don't turn all Single White Female on an individual who may have some common ground with you. (If you don't know that movie, watch it!) Just find a group of peeps who if one of you farts, they own up to it and y’all just carry on like nothing.

I have written articles about doing a friend  detox and it being ok to just dislike people who are toxic in your lives. It is just as important to spend your time wisely finding the ones that are enhancing your life and making you a better human.

I found them and so can you.