Are you happy? find out why micro winning is.


Written By: RO

Winning is fun, but microwinning? EVEN BETTER! A micro win is the little victories that we produce every day! We just don't take the time to celebrate them.

For example, your lunch partner did not finish their dessert...and you pass up the chance to finish It? Micro Win! Did you walk during your lunch hour instead of sit in your car and look at insta-stories for 44 minutes? Micro Win!

Have you decided to try a sugar detox? Stop right there, and give yourself a pat on the back for even considering that you need to improve your health and have made a decision to do something about it. Micro-winning is a personal affair..with yourself.  Just be excited that you are going to try something new because you want to.

Once you start celebrating these wins, you begin to gap the bridge to your bigger wins. So you walked at lunch and didn't eat the leftover dessert makes you feel good so you may just skip the after dinner wine that day too. These small victories will soon roll into one big win, like fitting into that little black dress. Ya gettin’ it now?! Micro Win!

Small wins will bring happiness. Who doesn't like being happy!? Just so you know some people won't get why you are celebrating you only ate half a burrito instead of the whole thing.


Or why you bust out the Macarena dance when you skipped the sugar in your coffee in the morning. These micro wins are for you, and no one else. If they don't want to join in your happiness, it may be time for a friend upgrade. Soon, you will see that this new found interest in micro-winning will attract a lot more positive vibes into your life.