I encourage you to do a friend detox


Written By: RO

Can I be real for a minute? Sometimes there are things and people you just won't like. There, I said it. What's the big deal about knowing your likes and dislikes? If anything, you have the ability to make time for it in your life or not. It's easy to get rid of the things you don't like. You donate it, sell it, trash it,  or leave it in a dark corner somewhere. But what about the people you don't like? You can't trash them, donate them or sell them. Time. You just don't make time for them.

We all have that coworker or childhood friend who has now turned toxic in your life. A sweet strawberry can turn into mold and make you sick. Same with a toxic person. Sweet at the beginning, but with time, the relationship could go wrong and it's time to trash it.

When we invest time in anything, we become emotionally attached. Of course it's at different levels for everyone. Sometimes you wont like someone within the first five minutes. That’s ok. Trust your gut. Move on. You just don't have compatible energies.

Haven't we all experienced a coworker that you just don't like!? You think things are going great and you try to give them another chance then BAM! They say or do something that rubs you the wrong way. Just wish them well in life and move on. People don't change so stop giving them a chance. It's the true definition of insanity; to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.  If you start to talk trash about them or give them dirty looks, that will not get you anywhere. It will only bring you bad vibes. So don't do it. Be the bigger person.I encourage you to do a friend detox.