The Life Changing Magic of….Breathing. Wait, What?


Written By: Erin Bach

Recently I went to a Radiant Heart Breathwork class. If that doesn’t sound woo-woo enough for you, let me add that it was on the night of the full moon, we sat in a circle, shared personal insights with strangers, then laid on the floor practicing breathing patterns and intermittently sobbing/screaming.

Rolling your eyes? Recoiling in judgment?


I don’t care, because it was f-ing AMAZING.

Erin Telford (@erintelford_) is a New York based breathwork teacher that I found through the long, twisty rabbit hole of Instagram. I was immediately curious, so when I saw that she was coming to Los Angeles, I reserved my spot.

The class centered around letting go of limiting beliefs, and it did not surprise me that there were roughly 40 women in attendance and only 1 brave man. Not only are women natural seekers and highly intuitive, but let’s be real, we carry a whole lot of shit around with us on a daily basis. When asked what we wanted to let go of, so many women responded with tales of sacrificing their needs for the needs of others, self-esteem issues, shame, negative body image, and a fear of being truly seen.

My issues fell into the latter two categories. I literally started crying the second we gathered in a circle. Clearly, I needed this.

The breathwork itself consisted of a three-part breathing pattern practiced lying on our backs (inhale into the belly, inhale into the heart, exhale out the mouth). We repeated this simple yet powerful pattern over and over while Erin guided us and created a supportive environment for us to connect with ourselves and release stuck energy.

The result was nearly indescribable, but what I can share is the message that came through for me loud and clear: “You were made to be seen.” I loathe attention and spent years hiding parts of both my physical and emotional self. This was huge.

What I appreciated most about this experience was that Erin’s goal was not to prove her skills as a gifted healer.  In fact, it wasn't about her at all. She made it very clear that her intention was to empower us to see the healing potential we already possess within our bodies, that there is truly magic in our own breath.

We are powerful. We were made to be seen. Realizing this is nothing short of life changing.


Curious? To practice the technique at home, here's a video, hope you enjoy loves :)