What To Do on an Off Day


Written By: Danielle James // @danielleeejames

We all have them; those days where your energy just seems to be sucked out of you and your will to do anything but be emotional and binge Netflix from you bed is almost nonexistent. Those bad days are just a part of life. As human beings, we were not designed to be as stimulated as we are in 21st century and all of that chaos can catch up with us very quickly.


Bad days are normal. You are not any less of a person because you are struggling to force a smile every once and awhile. It’s how we cope with those off days that set the tone for the rest of our week.

Try watching a movie, tv show, YouTube series, etc. that you know will bring you joy. Ten out of ten, would recommend Mamma Mia! or the Great British Baking Show, both available on Netflix US.


Make your hands busy. Find a new recipe for dinner, bake some cookies, work on a craft or DIY project around your home. The distraction of the project, plus the pride you will feel once it’s complete, might be just the mood boost that you need to get you out of your funk.


Finally, write it out. Journal your thoughts throughout the day. Process the emotions that you have floating around in your brain. Sometimes, putting our feelings on paper provides just the right amount of clarity to help you into a brighter mood.

Most importantly, don’t let one bad day throw off the rest of your week. Talk through your feelings with someone that you trust, whether that be a family member, friend, or a professional. Allow yourself to understand what you’re feeling in order to combat the feeling. And just remember, you are a human being. You are doing your best. And that is enough.