Friends - aren't they the best?


Written By: Gabi Torres


Imagine your life without that person who loves you just for being you. It doesn't matter if you had a rough day, or if you did something a bit shady - because yes, we all do shady stuff here and there.

Can you imagine your life without a person who will always be by your side, no matter if you are right or wrong? That friend who will be there to celebrate your achievements, and to cry her/his heart out with you if something wrong happened.

Wouldn't your life suck without that friend who gives it all for you, without waiting for something in return? - (I bet that as an adult you know how hard is to find those gems!)

This quick note is a memoir to Keira - Karlo and Marie Gomez's dog. She parted ways to doggie heaven yesterday. The news shook me hard, and I didn't even know her... but I do know how important it is to have a best friend!

I'm sure that Keira is in a happy place now, because she made those two (and everyone around her) happy. Here are a few things we could learn about her loving personality:

- Keira only had 3 legs - she was a fighter, and she enjoyed her life with what she had!

Let's all be grateful for being alive, and celebrate our "imperfections".

- Keira loved her bone collection - she treated each of her bones as a special one, It didn't matter if it was an old one, or a new addition.

Let's celebrate and be grateful for what we have. Let's not compare our belongings to other peoples goods!

- Keira was patient! Whenever her parents were cooking something yummy, she just starred at them, waiting for a piece of the pie!

Do I even need to say more? - Best things in life take time, we just need to patiently wait for the time we're ready to receive those blessings.

Let's all take a minute to think about all our friends, human or pets. Let's reflect about how much better they make our lives, and how much we can learn from them.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said: “It's the time you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important", and it couldn't be more true. Let's dedicate time to share & spend time with our beloved ones today! at the end of the day - memories and good times it's all we have.

In loving memory to you, Keira - 08-27-2017

With Love,