Kindness is Just Kindness


Written By: RO


Ever smiled at someone, just because? Has it ever backfired? This is a predicament i find myself in at times...I have so much love in my heart that I bleed sugar. I feel joyous when I can put positive energy into the universe.

However, it doesn't mean it's an invitation to jump right into my pants or an opportune moment to exchange numbers. Kindness is just kindness dude, I smiled ‘cause I’m kind. That's it.

You know it's ok to talk to a relationship or not, you are allowed to continue to speak to other adults and enjoy the art of conversation. You are the authority of your decisions. So next time you find yourself waiting in line for coffee, strike up a convo with the person next to you, you never know what you may have in common. It could be Mr. or Mrs. Right or even your next business opportunity. Kindness is just kindness.

Ever see someone wearing something you want, or that hot body walking around in front of you, or how about the perfect lil’ family that you yearn to have one kind, and be happy for them. You don't know their story. They could very well have been a rags to riches story, or an eating disorder survivor, or a family that has suffered multiple time you are feeling envious of something you want from others, go ahead and hand them a compliment just because. Kindness is just kindness.

And the toughest of them all, ever encountered rude people? Yup, we all have. Have you ever wanted to rip their eyes out? Before you do that and get yourself arrested, find it deep inside of you, like waaay deep, to find the humanity in your core and let kindness flow out of your mouth or body language. Let the darkness of impulsivity slowly lose its light and let the kindness shine. It doesn't mean you are a pushover or allow people to walk all over just means you are practicing being a better human. Kindness is just kindness.