We Can Wear the Pants


Written By: RO


“Women cant handle high stressed jobs” (The quote is something to that effect) Ok Mr. James Damore who was just recently fired from Google for your stupid ass comment, have you ever bled for 7 days and not died from it? How about making a whole new life inside of you, then push out a watermelon through a pea sized hole?

Yeeeeea..i thought so. He had the audacity to argue that women are more likely to have “innate biological traits that make them inferior engineers.” ok, now I’m pissed.


Women, first of all, were the business pioneers of the West. Women opened up brothels and the men came a ‘runnin. Women saw this as a business in the making...and made a profit. They made enough money to open schools, banks, and general stores. And you know what else,because of these brothels, towns began to grow and populate.BOOM! IN YO’ FACE!

So, women still don't have a place in this “man world"? Honey, there’s a reason they say “men wear the pants" but that’s because the woman picked them out.

I get it, we just can’t walk into a gym, for example, on day 1 and expect us to just lift a 135 lb deadlift. It takes practice. We need to build on our skills. It’s the same shit when we venture out into the business world. Women have the same right to be in any position. Hello!? Hillary Clinton!? The unwritten set of rules to be in a leadership position is bullshit. Why choose gender over ability?

“A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her.”

Here’s a list of things us women should do to make it to the top, in any career field.


Focus on what you can control- You are only in control of your decisions and your attitude. Don't go around pointing fingers at the results of your decisions. Be a big girl and be a problem solver.

Be Real- Always be yourself. No matter the circumstances. Don’t change your belief and values to accomodate who you are working for. Stand out from the crowd and honor yourself.

Have a support system- Invest in relationships that will help get you through any bump in the road. It is vital to have someone that will always have your back or at least bounce ideas off. Even for the sake of sanity. Even the President has an advisor.

Turn negativity into determination- Winning the race goes doesn’t mean you are strong, it means you endured it.

Believe in Yourself- You are phenomenal, you are amazing, you are deserving of anything that comes your way.

Don’t underestimate the strength in your stiletto. Whitney Houston said “I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants.”