Competitive Creatures


Written By: Emma Grosskopf


Once upon a time, there was a professor at Georgetown named Deborah Tannen.

Now, I, unlike my girl Deborah, am not a professor. So I’m not going to lecture you.

But she came up with the idea that men communicate Competitively, while women seek Equality. Meaning, men will try to be the top dog in their group, while women strive to be equals.

Well, this idea was developed in the 80s.

Times have changed.

Anyone that has ever talked to a man or even witnessed a man talking will know that what Tannen suggested is true. Men, generally, are competitive creatures. All that testosterone and aggression.

But it’s 2017 now. Men aren’t the only competitive creatures out there. Women have now joined the game.

Who has the most followers? The most likes? Who looks best without makeup? Who has better eyebrows? Who’s in better shape?

Fueled by the swift rise of social media, women are comparing themselves more and more to other women, especially online, creating an atmosphere of constant competition. In many women, there’s a little voice in the back of our heads, telling us that either A) we are SO much better/prettier/smarter/more successful than HER, or B) there is no way in HELL we will ever be as pretty/smart/successful as HER.

It’s a lose-lose situation for everyone, because everyone is insecure about something.

We, as modern women, should be focused on ourselves. Our careers. Our grades. Our love lives. Our bodies. We shouldn’t waste our time comparing ourselves to other women because we all have the same goal: to be HAPPY.

In order to achieve that goal, we should be building each other up. Cheering each other on. Owning our bodies and our jobs and our lives while still rooting for other women.

I mean, seriously. It’s hard enough to be a woman nowadays without having the added pressure of having to be THE BEST all the time. Let’s not worry about being the Top Dog. Let’s be Bad Bitches together instead.