The Bombshell, the Amazon, and the Waif.


Written By: Emma Grosskopf

Three women walk into a bar.

One has a tiny waist, round hips and boobs that could poke your eye out. She oozes femininity, and her soft voice and hourglass shape snare the attention of every man in the room. And her coy smile and breathy laugh show that she knows it. She is the Bombshell.

The second has a tall, slender frame, and is toned and tan. Her muscular legs stretch on for miles and miles. Her body shows its sexiness in its strength and athleticism. Unlike the Bombshell, she is bold and strong rather than coy and soft. She is the Amazon.

The third woman is thin. Very thin, almost boyish in shape. She is all knees and elbows, with a sharp jaw and pencil thin brows. Her breasts lay flat against her narrow chest, and her shoulders jut prominently underneath her clothes. She appears as if even the smallest puff of wind would send her flying. She is the Waif.

The Bombshell, the Amazon, and the Waif.

What do they all have in common?

(Other than the fact that they all walked into the same bar.)

At one point, they were the epitome of society’s idea of beauty.

The Bombshell? Think Marilyn Monroe in the 50s.


The Amazon? Any 80s supermodel (Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Brooke Shields and the list goes on)


And the Waif? A smoldering Kate Moss from the 90s.


Society’s view of what constitutes female beauty has changed drastically over the last six decades. Thankfully, the decade we live in now accepts as beautiful a much more diverse pool of women, not just bombshells, amazons, and waifs.

Now, society’s eye is on curvy beauties such as Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence.

Women of color such as Kerry Washington and Beyoncé.

Not just athletically-shaped models, but actual athletes such as Serena and Venus Williams and Ronda Rousey.

And finally, women who have qualities that, in the past, have been deemed unattractive, such as body hair, vitiligo, acne or stretch marks.

2017 is a year of acceptance of ALL women.

Not just the Bombshells.

Not just the Amazons.

Not just the Waifs.